Protect and Secure your Business!

Security threats and hackers work 24/7 -you need to keep a constant watch on your network, servers, computers and data to ensure there is no funny business afoot. A security threat can be the cause of unexpected network downtime, loss of data, and ransom attempts that can be costly to your business -70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year and 60% of those companies shutdown thin 6 months of the disaster. Having a proper security plan not only puts your mind at ease and since there is no such thingas too much security we have designed a multilayered solution to help protect both you and your business.

Employee training also plays a large role in keeping your network secure. Studies show that roughly 95% of data breaches are due to human error. We educate your staff so phishing emails, accidentally downloaded email viruses, inadvertent banner ad clicks become a thing of the past!

What makes our
Cyber Security solution BETTER?

We have spent years developing what we feel is truly complete solution in terms of network security. Our multilayered platform consists of both Physical and virtual firewalls, our ZERO-day antivirus which gives us 24X7 monitoring and reporting on potential threats on your managed devices… additionally we do regular dark web, network, and security assessment audits.


We begin by understanding your cyberseurity exposure and prioritizing issues based on threat probability and busines impact


We eliminate severe security risks by implementing multi-layered defenses and scheduling periodic inspections of your complete IT infrastructure


We review your cybersecurity defenses daily, report on operational trends monthly, establishing ongoing team training, and conduct spot inspections when needed

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comprehensive network and security audit!